Hi, I’m Raffy. I’m a direct response copywriter.

You’ve mastered your craft. You’re a freakin’ genius. You know you’re destined for success and that one day, you’ll change the world for the better. Nothing can stop you from achieving this dream… Yes, you can see yourself in the near future:

Retiring early and never having a financial problem again in your life…

Being recognized as an influential person in your niche…

Living the American Dream with your happy family…

Confident. Sucessful. Fully satisfied with all your accomplishments in life.

But, truth be told, you’re still lightyears away from where you want to be. Sure, you work hard 24/7 and you’re earning a nice paycheck out of all your efforts. Still, something’s missing. There’s that final piece of the puzzle you haven’t figured out yet.

You’re definitely one of the best in your craft… But do you know how to sell yourself or your products with words? Can you tell your audience to “take action” right at this moment?

Compelling direct response copy that actually converts—that’s what’s missing. 

“I engaged Raffy to perform some copywriting for one sales funnel and was amazed at how he took the reigns and created the entire funnel for me. I now consider Raffy my go-to guy for all things copy! Awesome work.” Ani Wilson

Founder & Director, Ani Wilson Consulting Ltd., Australia

But you’re not really here to buy copy, right? You’re here for the ROI.

No one likes adding an expense to their business. You’re not here to hire someone or buy copy for your website. You want money-making assets—investments that put more money in your pocket. You want to invest in someone who can bring you a good ROI.

So if I’m not selling fancy copy, what exactly am I selling?

I’m selling you the opportunity to increase sales and get more clients

I’m selling you the opportunity to get a good ROI that a lot of copywriters don’t bother to focus on…

I’m selling you hardcore results, and direct-response copy is just the medium…

I write direct response copy for established entrepreneurs, professionals, information product creators, and digital marketers.

If you’re one of the above, I can help you.

Smart copy that speaks to your audience, converts, and makes you more money.

Opt-in Landing Pages

Email Autoresponders

Sales Letters


Blog Posts

Website Pages

Lead Magnets

I offer a satisfaction guarantee to all of my clients.

If you’re not happy with my work after several revisions, I’ll give you a full refund.

Latest Conversion Rates:


Opt-in Landing Page


Sales Letter


Upsell Page

*13x the price of the core offer


Webinar Page

Client: Adil Zuberi, Superpower Solutions

“If you don’t care about high conversion rates, intelligent work, dependability, reliability, availability and the ability to never miss a deadline than Raffy is not the right person you are looking for. For the rest of us, Raffy is the solution to our copy problems.

Man! Raffy has cranked out a webinar registration page and email sequences in a day that gave me 66% conversion with warm traffic. Can anyone beat that? I don’t think so.” Adil Zuberi

Business Owner, Superpower Solutions Ltd., UK

So why am I a good investment?

  • Years and years of direct response copywriting experience
  • ROI-driven copywriting with the latest marketing and consumer psychology techniques
  • 550+ satisfied clients across the globe (UK, US, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, etc.)
  • Certified Inbound Marketer at HubSpot
  • Certified SEO Copywriter at SEO Success Works
  • $8,000+ worth of training and courses by Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer), Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels), Neville Medhora (Kopywriting Kourse), Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula), and a whole lot more!
  • I can help you increase sales and get more clients with creatively effective direct-response copy.

Invest in a copywriter that focuses on your ROI.

What My Other Clients Are Saying

Pascal Wagner

Facebook Ad Specialist & CEO, Online Ad Labs, US

“Raffy is a really talented freelance copywriter and it was great having him on my team. He’s always cheerful and his optimistic attitude helped me get more leads in my business and attract high-paying clients. I will definitely use his copywriting services again!” Jordan Schumacher

Paid Traffic Marketing Consultant, Jordan Schumacher Agency, US

“One of the most enthusiastic, talented, and results-driven copywriters I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Raffy wrote amazing content for our blog and it still gets high traffic after several months of the publish date. With him on our team, we were able to increase our lead conversion rate by almost double in less than a month. Raffy is a great copywriter and I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes one of the best in a couple of years.” Amanda Chiu

Marketing Coordinator, Atomic Reach, Canada

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